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January 11, 2017

It's been a bear of a week, weather-wise, with temperatures in the North East USA dipping into the single digits and lots of snowfall everywhere.  

Sometimes, on days like this, that ancestral urge to huddle around the hearth and eat meat can overwhelm balanced meal preparation.  Particularly if we are busy and on the run, when convenience wins out and we can all too...

May 5, 2016

I'm currently working hard on losing the weight I regained over the winter.  I was asked to write a series of articles and found myself resorting to some old, bad habits with my productivity.  That is, I would procrastinate for several days and then on the day I told myself I absolutely had to get the work done that day, I would continue to procrastinate until the ev...

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My Journey Back to Extraordinary Health

My own health journey started ten years back when, with a great deal of compassion, my gastro-enterologist told me that since the medications he had used up until then were not helping to heal my gut, we were out of options and the next course of treatment would be prednisone.  


I did not know much about health back then, but one thing I did know was that I did not want to go on prednisone.  I knew it caused weight gain and misery.  


So I began to think for the first time I needed to address my situation by changing my diet.  I was still in the thinking stage then.  However, shortly afterwards, something amazing happened.  My father handed me an article, from the Wall Street Journal, about people who were gluten sensitive.  


I already knew that wheat had a bad effect on me and had been trying to avoid it for a while, not always successfully, but I hadn't known the problem was more widespread than just wheat, which, in an instant, made me realize the mistakes I had been making...  


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