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Welcome to My Health Coaching Website

My commitment to you, to help you learn to take back control of your health, so that you are in charge of your health once more.  To learn how to become an active participant and a change maker for good in the state of your health.  


My own health journey started ten years back when, with a great deal of compassion, my gastro-enterologist informed me that since the medications he had used up until that point were not helping to heal my gut, we were out of options and the next course of treatment would be prednisone.  


I did not know much about health back then, but one thing I knew for certain was that I did not want to go on prednisone.  I knew it caused weight gain and misery.  


So I began to think for the first time I needed to address my situation by changing my diet.  I was still in the thinking stage then.  However, shortly afterwards, something amazing happened.  My father handed me an article from the Wall Street Journal, about people who were gluten sensitive.  


I already knew that wheat had a bad effect on me and had been trying to avoid it for a while, frequently not successfully; but I hadn't known my problem was more widespread than just wheat, which, in an instant, made me realize the mistakes I had been making.  And why the vicious cycle kept repeating.  And why I kept getting re-addicted to wheat.  


I became gluten-free the next day.  And then, one week afterwards, when I was searching for gluten free recipes, I came across notice of a newly published book called, Eat Well, Feel Well by Kendall Conrad.  And for the first time discovered the Special Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) that allowed me, in time, to heal my gut.  That was the very beginning of my journey back to my core health.  I've studied a lot and learned a lot since then.  And soon began helping others like me, who were ill with gut disease that conventional medicine was unable to heal.  This journey has changed the course of my own life profoundly and completely redirected me.  And it soon became a passion to keep learning more to be able to help others who were ill in ways that the paradigm of Western Medicine does not yet know how to heal successfully.  


I've never looked back, though at times it has taken a great deal of work and patience.

And this journey has allowed me to take my health and feelings of wellbeing through the stratosphere.  I've never felt better or happier than I do today.  And I am here to share my story as a way to help you to begin your health journey to reach these same goals of health and wellbeing.   

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