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The low carb challenge. The results of the first week

I'm currently working hard on losing the weight I regained over the winter. I was asked to write a series of articles and found myself resorting to some old, bad habits with my productivity. That is, I would procrastinate for several days and then on the day I told myself I absolutely had to get the work done that day, I would continue to procrastinate until the evening. At which point, I found myself working hard late into the night and morning. And because I needed brain energy at that point, I would find myself eating again. And because willpower is a limited daily resource, by the nighttime, I would find myself making bad decisions about food because I was working on my writing and getting things done.

So I ate a lot of carbs and dairy. And dairy, much as I love it, does not work in my system. It causes a big addiction problem from the caseo-morphine protein (which makes up 80-90% of the protein content of cow’s milk and are formed during our attempt to digest casein), and because of the inflammation it causes me, I can't lose weight.

So about a month ago, I gave up dairy. Again. And now I'm back on a low carb diet. Drinking non-dairy bulletproof coffee in the AM , lots of vegetables during the day at meals and limiting protein. I try to eat as much organic and grass-fed meat as I can, but when it is not an option I eat regular meat. Because I also keep kosher, there are very limited resources for grass-fed and organic chicken and lack of competition and extra supervision means the pricing is extremely high. So I do the best I can at the moment.

And here's too a future where these healthy resources are more available at affordable prices.

My Journey Back to Extraordinary Health

A year ago, I decided it’s time to change my lifestyle. This meant taking control of my life and making important decisions..

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